Stripes,Polka dots and crochet!

By now, you would have noticed that i am in love with cardigans.They are just the perfect go-to for dressing modest and they are made with different materials which is appropriate for any weather condition.
Are you also crazy about cardigans?
Stripes,Polkad dots and crochet!

Fat Face striped cardigan
$24 –


A|Wear red jeans
$39 –

Ballet shoes

Polka dot handbag
$40 –

Red jewelry

5 thoughts on “Stripes,Polka dots and crochet!

  1. nice, you post regularly, I salute that. I more thing is that you can help people organise their outfits, suggest outfits for people and all that, kinda like a web stylist. Try putting that on you FB page, will definitely bring more viewers to your blog; maybe slowly, but surely. And yes, cardigans have a way of makig outfits look sophisticated. Once had a dinner and clubbing right after so I threw on a cardigan over my club dress and went for the dinner, and it was relatively appropriate….

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